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NO. 2020 – 20


WHEREAS, Hānau ʻo Sonny ma Puʻuanahulu ma ka lā 26 o Apelila makahiki 1930 a make ma ka lā 5 o Pepeluali makahiki 2020; and

WHEREAS, Sonny was 89 when he passed and he is survived by five daughters, Nalani Okubo, Collen (Scott) Henne, and Elise (Eric) Dela Cruz born in Kohala, Jan and Miulani Paalua born in Kawaihae, and son Ryder (Darcy) Paalua of Kailua-Kona; and

WHEREAS, Sonny is also survived by sisters Rose Mills, Helen Sing, and Rose Coit, and many grandchildren; and

WHEREAS, Sonny served and is a veteran of the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Div., Army National Guard, and a retired Pōhakuloa Training Area heavy equipment operator; and

WHEREAS, he was a member of the American Legion, National Guard Alumni, Kohala Senior Citizens, Nā Kūpuna o Kohala, Nā Kālaiwaʻa Makaliʻi Kūpuna; and

WHEREAS, he believed himself to be a good “American” and set a great example of as a native-born son who went to defend his country for all; and

WHEREAS, on returning home, Sonny got married, raised a family, and settled down to be a proud member of Nā Kālaiwaʻa Makaliʻi Kūpuna; and

WHEREAS, he and his wife Libby would do portrayals of Kalākaua and be in the royal courts for the Kohala Civic Club; and

WHEREAS, he and Libby were made honorary members of the Kohala Hawaiian Civic Club for their participation in the civic club of the past with the beautiful songs, Hawaiian voices, and pageantry of the royal court.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs at its 61st Annual Convention held online, in the malama of Makali‘i and the rising of ʻOlekūkolu, this 22nd day of November 2020, honoring and remembering the life of Sylvestor “Sonny” Haiha Paalua, Jr.“; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a certified copy of this resolution be transmitted to Velda N Akamu, Pelekikena ‘O Kohala Hawaiian Civic Club, as well as the Governor of the State of Hawai‘i, President of the State Senate, Speaker of the State House of Representatives, Chair of the State Senate subject matter committee on Hawaiian Affairs, Chair of the State House subject matter committee on Hawaiian Affairs, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, and all County Mayors.

The undersigned herby certifies that the foregoing Resolution was duly adopted in the malama of Makaliʻi and the rising of ʻOlekūkolu on the 22nd day of November 2020, at the 61st Annual Convention of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs held online.

Hailama V.K.K. Farden, President