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No. 2017 – 2


WHEREAS, Moana Kalikookalani McPhereson was born on February 20, 1942 in Honolulu, to “Bud” Kalikookalani Harbottle McPhereson and John Adrian McPhereson; and

WHEREAS, Moana’s siblings are James Kalaniopu‘u McPhereson, Pamela Napuahau McPhereson Awai, and Adrienne Hinano McPhereson Felmet; and

WHEREAS, Moana grew up in the ahapua‘a of Kālia in Waikīkī, where Hilton Hawaiian Village now stands, and attended Thomas Jefferson Elementary School; and

WHEREAS, the McPhereson family moved to Paula Drive when Moana started at Punahou School in the seventh grade; and

WHEREAS, Moana was very active during her Sophomore through Senior years at Punahou School involved with “Aquade,” Hawaiian Lore Club, and the Punahou Girls Assembly Association; and

WHEREAS, Moana continued to be involved as Vice-President, Assembly Representative, and Holokū Ball Committee member all while she was a Sophomore at Punahou; and

WHEREAS, Moana would be involved in many activities working on the Punahou Carnival, Vice-President, Sports Manager, Valentine Dance Committee, and Treasurer, all during her Junior and Senior years; and

WHEREAS, Moana Graduated from Punahou School with the class of 1960, and continued to keep in touch with her classmates and friends at Punahou, and enjoyed her class reunions and being with all of them; and

WHEREAS, Moana met Antoinette “Toni” (Gomes) Lee and became close friends while riding the bus going to and from school although both were enrolled in different schools at that time (Moana at Punahou and Antoinette at Kamehameha); and

WHEREAS, Moana and Toni met again after their school years when they eventually both worked for the U. S. Department of the Navy (Moana in Personnel and Antoinette in Intelligence); and

WHEREAS, Moana and Toni hooked up again in 1963, when the Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club was started; and

WHEREAS, Moana joined the Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club, and with her Punahou background, leadership skills and interested in Hawaiian things, she held committee chairmanships, and other leadership positions; and

WHEREAS, Moana became a member of the club’s Board of Director and wrote the very first grant for Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club to receive money to pay for a Hawaiian Cultural Specialist to teach our members the art of making hula implements, feather lei, quilts, and kapa; and

WHEREAS, Moana set out to have classes in kapa making, including classes on the tools, making dyes, and different plants needed for this craft; and

WHEREAS, Moana was dedicated to learn the art of kapa making and that changed her life forever; and

WHEREAS, Moana wrote the first grant that taught many of our members those arts and crafts along with learning our Hawaiian values that are very important to us, and today, Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club demonstrates these arts and cultural crafts to major conventions that come to Hawai‘i; and

WHEREAS, Moana was dedicated to learning the art of kapa making, learned it well and she was hilahila about people referring to her as an expert; and

WHEREAS, after many years of studying the art, teaching the art, traveling throughout the world talking about kapa, and sharing it, many people referred to Moana as the expert; and

WHEREAS, Moana, such a humble person, became renown in the art of kapa making and she was meticulous about the craft and got very excited about teaching the craft to anyone who was interested in learning; and

WHEREAS, Moana, loved to teach students at Kamehameha Schools and students in the charter schools and her own ‘ohana, and she became very well-respected in the art representing Hawai‘i internationally demonstrating the art and speaking about the subject; and

WHEREAS, Moana traveled extensively to the South Pacific, Japan, the continental United States, our own Hawaiian Islands, and she would always give credit to Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club for the opportunity to learn this art; and

WHEREAS, Moana has been featured in the National Geographic Magazine, in the Smithsonian Institution, Bishop Museum, and was honored by the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs with the “Ka Mana o Ke Kanaka” award recognizing her special talent in the art of kapa; and

WHEREAS, Moana retired from U. S. Department of the Navy, Personnel Section after 40 years and she looked forward to share her knowledge and talent with the world; and

WHEREAS, Moana often demonstrated the art of kapa making at Hō‘ike‘ike at Queen Kapi‘olani Park, at the King Kamehameha Celebration Ho‘olaule‘a, Onipa‘a, and the Nake‘u Awai Christmas Fashion Show where she sold her kapa print cards, napkins, wall hangings and her ʻono jams and jellies; and

WHEREAS, Moana would also graciously donate a kapa that she designed for silent auctions for fundraisers; and

WHEREAS, that it is ironic that Moana would leave us on June 11, 2017, on Kamehameha Day, the very celebration that she always looked forward to demonstrate her art of kapa making; and

WHEREAS, Moana is survived by her two children, her son Barry Nohoula Kauai and her daughter Kassandra Kaho‘oilimoku Smith, and five grandchildren, Ka‘aina Christian Kauai, Kaliko‘okalani Moana Kauai, Kamalani Kilipohe Kauai, Kendyl Kaleiahihi Yoshie Smith, and Kailikaimoana Ryuzo Foster Smith, and her siblings, brother James Kalaniopu‘u McPhereson, sister Pamela Napuahau Awai, and sister Adrienne Hinano Felmet.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs at its 58th Annual Convention in Seattle, Washington, in the malama of ʻIkuwā and the rising of Māhealani, this 4th day of November 2017, honoring the memory of Moana Kalikookalani McPherson Eisele; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a moment of silence be held in honor of the memory of Moana Kalikookalani McPhereson Eisele at this 58th Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs Annual Convention; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that certified copies of this resolution be transmitted to Barry Nohoula Kauai, Kassandra Kaho‘oilimoku & Kendall Smith, James Kalaniopu‘u & Susan McPhereson, Pamela Napuahau & Ward Awai, Adriene Hinano & Gary Felmet, Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club, as well as the Governor of the State of Hawai‘i, President of the State Senate, Speaker of the State House of Representatives, Chair of the State Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs, Chair of the State House Committee on Ocean, Marine Resources & Hawaiian Affairs, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, and all County Mayors.

The undersigned hereby certifies that the foregoing Resolution was duly adopted in the malama of ʻIkuwā and the rising of Māhealani on the 4th day of November 2017, at the 58th Annual Convention of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs in Seattle, Washington.

Annelle C. Amaral, President